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A voyage of passion and empowerment

Let us take you through the journey of three truly extraordinary life stories.

Colombian Coffee farmers

This journey begins in mountains of the Andean region

Southern of Colombia

A group of passionate female coffee farmers have embraced the mission of producing coffee of unique quality. These women, with traditionally rooted knowledge, select the most exquisite varieties and apply ancestral processes of manually sowing and harvesting coffee.

The journey continues in

Tucson, Arizona

Where three courageous women not only see an opportunity in the coffee roasting, It´s a platform to share their cultural roots in every cup of coffee. The coffee becomes a way of expressing their passion and honoring their Colombian heritage.

Arizona roasted coffee
freshly roasted Colombian coffee

A voyage of passion and empowerment

Up to your cup of coffee

We invite you to enjoy a cup of truly exceptional Colombian coffee, roasted with devotion in the community. By doing so she becomes the protagonist of this story that has a profound impact on the lives of brave women coffee farmers. She will fill many lives with hope, with a firm commitment to actively support the generation of projects that improve the living conditions of many families.

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Provide the best fresh gourmet coffee experience. Locally roasting the most select Colombian coffee, promoting education, environmental responsibility and the well-being of coffee growers.

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Our promise

Fresh Colombian Gourmet Coffee.

Unique flavors and exceptional quality, roasted in the USA.

freshly roasted Colombian coffee 3Historias

Smooth taste of community coffee

Roasted to deep rich and cacao flavor

High-quality coffee sourced

Delivered fresh to your door