Colombian Coffee

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Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee is recognized worldwide as one of the best, but what is the reason for this? To begin with, we must delve a little into the context that embodies this drink in the country. (Image freepik)

Colombia has 32 departments, of which 23 produce coffee and offer different varieties, this is due to the diversity of climates and a complex geography across the country. We must mention that Colombia has different thermal levels, which is favorable when planting all types of plants, in this case coffee trees. In addition, the richness of the soils allows for very fertile crops.  

 Approximately 548,000 coffee-growing families are distributed throughout the national territory. They not only see coffee as a way to survive, but also as a vehicle to preserve the legacy that many of their ancestors left them.   For coffee growers, coffee is a passion that is contagious, because it is enough to go to any producing farm to realize the magic that the Colombian countryside has, and to look at the dedication with which they get up every morning to carry out their work in the crops. All that effort so that consumers can enjoy a delicious drink at the tables.  

Most of the coffee produced in Colombia belongs to the Arabica species; in fact, Colombia is the main producer of washed coffee in the world. In this territory, it is possible to find traditional or exotic coffee varieties. Many producers have even ventured into new processes, implementing cutting-edge technologies, to obtain amazing results.   This desire to discover new flavors has enriched the offer of specialty coffees in Colombia, which has allowed the beans to be sought after by baristas in global competitions. Many of these competitors find in Colombia the charm that can give a unique touch to their products.  

There are many reasons why Colombia remains one of the main producers of specialty coffees, here we have mentioned some, but without a doubt this is a joint effort that goes from planting to final consumption.   We can say that producers, pickers, agronomists, roasters, transporters, tasters, baristas, and other actors intervene throughout the value chain, who instill their work with love, so that the coffee sector continues to grow every day.  

At the end of this entire journey, you find yourself as the final consumer, our main judge, who allows us to produce the best coffee beans, which we offer in our Specialty and Premium coffees, grown in the beautiful mountains of southern Colombia.  

Each grain is carefully selected by our producers and goes through a long process where there is rigorous quality control, all so that you have coffee that meets your palate.

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